Arts and health

Jen brings together a unique blend of skills developed within the education, health and arts sectors which dovetail exceptionally well to develop and address a new social wellness agenda.

Through her work in South Australia Jen became recognised as a leader in the field of community development. This culminated in an invitation to be a presenter at the 1995 National Health Promotion Conference. Following this, overwhelming interest from the community and health sectors led to her being commissioned to produce a publication for the South Australian Health Commission in 1997.

report cover

This publication, entitled 'The Art of Health' highlights the value of arts in community development and health promotion activities. It contains a rationale for the value of a social health/well-being context, numerous case studies, advice on planning and evaluation and information on resources.

Interest in this publication has been unprecedented and it quickly became the most sought after booklet ever produced by the South Australian Health Promotion Unit. It was also used by Flinders University and the South Australian Community Arts Network as a core text for their nationally accredited postgraduate management qualification.

Download or view a pdf version here.

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