Group sessions

Jen offers a range of group work sessions - from pairs to medium and large groups.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Until now Resonate has existed as a series of pilot projects. It uses a grounded, meditative and felt sense perspective to explore development through voice and multi-part harmony.

This project combines Jen's background in music, drama, health, and education. Please get in touch to register your interest or for further information.

Voice development

This is an intensive development course suitable for anyone interested in voice and personal development. The embodied felt sense and a grounded meditative awareness are central to this.

Sessions cover topics such as voice production, constructive criticism, power of sound, the voice and the body, performance skills, dynamics etc. Voice production techniques and constructive criticism skills are integrated throughout.

Participants are workshopped on individual pieces. As a result each person learns to positively critique the work of others. Exposure to the styles, strengths and struggles of others in a supportive setting is an invaluable experience which can lead to heightened awareness and development. Jen also works with participants on an individual basis.

As participants work with their own and provided material the group process works with the level of experience individual people bring. Varying levels of skill within the group enrich the learning experience.

What participants have said

'I always felt it was in me - I just didn't know how to get it out.'

'Your lesson was the best experience in my life ... it is my treasure.'

'I listen differently now.'

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