Jen has worked for many years as a trainer, groupworker and professional coach in a variety of settings.

Jen's first degree is a BA from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama which provided a sophisticated study of communication and groupwork skills similar to those used in disciplines such as social work, teaching and community education. These skills provide her with an invaluable resource for maintaining participants' interest, motivation and ownership of projects and training sessions. They allow her to spontaneously adapt materials or structures, deal successfully with conflict, and improvise appropriate methods for exploring central and related issues in a way that promotes group cohesion.

Following several years working as a lecturer in tertiary institutions, Jen undertook a Graduate Diploma in cultural analysis.  She uses this invaluable theoretical framework to address structural disadvantage.


'If you are fortunate enough to work with Jen you will find she is a knowledgeable, experienced and innovative individual. The ease with which she delivers her training belies the hard work she puts into each of her engagements.  Her presentation style has been much commented on, if not envied! If you get the opportunity to work with Jen, I expect you will have as enjoyable and challenging an experience as I have had ... and hope to have again in the future.'

(Fiona Campbell, Executive Officer, Voluntary Arts Scotland)

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